Promotional Baubles
...not just for christmas
Promotional Baubles

Promotional Baubles are the perfect promotional item, which are eye catching, attractive, versatile & competitively priced. Promotional Baubles are ideal for a variety of situations including: Events, Promotions, Merchandise, Anniversaries, Fund Raising, Souvenirs & of course Christmas, with a variety of sizes & finishes available. Contact us for more information or a quotation.

Events Baubles

Any event, corporate or personal can be commemorated with a Bauble.
  • Corporate events - conferences, product launches, new logos, company landmarks, celebrations
  • Personal occasions – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries
Any image or text can be applied to any colour Bauble to make your event unforgettable.

Promotional Baubles

Baubles can be used with products, in-store or for purchase reward.
  • Hamper or gift packs could include branded keepsake Baubles
  • Free branded Baubles for valued customers
Token collect e.g. with baby products for baby’s first Christmas Bauble.

Merchandise Baubles

Branded Baubles can complement existing brand merchandise as business gifts, store merchandise or display.
  • By year dating Baubles become "collectables"
  • Brand Baubles - a must have item for brand advocates
  • Create a ‘house Bauble collection’ with core and sub brands

Anniversary Baubles

Corporate landmarks – 25 years (silver), 50 years (gold), centenaries can all be celebrated with promotional Baubles.

With the company logo on one side and key dates on the other, the Anniversary Bauble will be a lasting memento for all employees, business partners and customers alike.

Celebrate family landmarks - weddings, birthdays & anniversaries with Baubles, personalised with names and dates – a keepsake for generations.

Fund Raising Baubles

Appeals, charities, clubs & societies can all use Baubles as fund raising items.
  • Decorations at "gala" events
  • Fund raising items in charity outlets
  • Supporter club and societies merchandise
Promotional Baubles can promote and support your cause.

Souvenir Baubles

Baubles make ideal souvenirs for visitors to leading business and pleasure destinations.
  • Visitor attractions, venues and resorts
  • Attractive, collectable and inexpensive
Add the date for a lasting reminder of a special moment.

Christmas Baubles

Corporate trees, card alternatives, customer gifts, at Christmas, Baubles are as versatile as at any other time of the year.
  • Personalised Baubles for corporate trees in receptions, showrooms, retail outlets
  • Send Christmas Baubles instead of Christmas cards, where is your last year’s card now?
  • Christmas – a time of giving, give your customers a Merry Christmas Bauble as a thank you for their custom
Promotional Baubles can promote and support your cause.

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*Please note minimum quantity order 500 peices*
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